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Facebook Dating launch blocked in Europe after it fails to show privacy workings

the Irish Data Protection Commission
the Data Protection Impact Assessment [DPIA
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(Among multiple probes being carried out under Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation, the DPC is looking into Facebook’s claimed legal basis for processing people’s data under the Facebook T&Cs, for example.)The DPC’s statement confirms that its agents visited Facebook’s Dublin office on February 10 to carry out an inspection — in order to “expedite the procurement of the relevant documentation”.Which is a nice way of the DPC saying Facebook spent a whole week still not sending it the required information.“Facebook Ireland informed us last night that they have postponed the roll-out of this feature,” the DPC’s statement goes on.Which is a nice way of saying Facebook fucked up and is being made to put a product rollout it’s been planning for at least half a year on ice.The DPC’s head of communications, Graham Doyle, confirmed the enforcement action, telling us: “We’re currently reviewing all the documentation that we gathered as part of the inspection on Monday and we have posed further questions to Facebook and are awaiting the reply.”“Contained in the documentation we gathered on Monday was a DPIA,” he added.This begs the question why Facebook didn’t send the DPIA to the DPC on February 3 — unless of course this document did not actually exist on that date…We’ve reached out to Facebook for comment — and to ask when it carried out the DPIA.

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