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Faceboook account now required to login to Oculus devices

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In the meantime, here are answers to some questions you may be asking to help make everything clear.What changes are coming to accounts on Oculus?Starting in October 2020:Everyone using an Oculus device for the first time will need to log in with a Facebook account.If you are an existing user and already have an Oculus account, you will have the option to log in with Facebook and merge your Oculus and Facebook accounts.If you are an existing user and choose not to merge your accounts, you can continue using your Oculus account for two years.Starting In January 2023:We will end support for Oculus accounts.If you choose not to merge your accounts at that time, you can continue using your device, but full functionality will require a Facebook account.We will take steps to allow you to keep using content you have purchased, though some games and apps may no longer work. If you are an existing user and you choose not to merge your Oculus account and Facebook account, you will not have access to Facebook-powered social features and you will not be able to post your VR activity to your Facebook profile or timeline.What happens to my data when I log into an Oculus device with my Facebook account?When you log into your Oculus device with your Facebook account or merge your Oculus and Facebook accounts, we will use information related to your use of Oculus and Facebook for purposes such as:Providing and improving your experience across Facebook productsPromoting safety and integrity on our servicesShowing you personalized content, including ads, across Facebook products. This could include recommendations for Oculus Events you might like, ads about Facebook apps and technologies, or ads from developers for their VR apps.Examples of the information we use include:The VR apps you use, so we can recommend new apps you haven’t tried yetYour Facebook friend list, to make it easier to find and interact with your Facebook friends who are also in VRInvites and acceptances for events you createInformation like your name and messaging metadata for chats in VR, so that you have access to your chats across devicesYour photos and related content like captions, likes and comments if you share photos from VR to FacebookInformation about your VR activity, like which apps you use, to show you ads for other VR apps you may likeInformation about your activity on other Facebook products, such as Pages you like and groups you join, to recommend content and things to do in VR.Will a Facebook account be required to use future Oculus devices?Yes. Future Oculus devices will require a Facebook account.Do the account changes for Oculus coming this October apply to all countries?Yes, the Oculus account changes are applicable to all countries where Oculus devices have been sold.Click here to view the full FAQ.

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