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Ford Maverick XL hybrid review: What does $20,000 get you?


Tom Holland

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But once I remembered the Maverick's whole reason for being — to offer buyers a brand-new truck at a bare-bones price — it all made perfect sense. The Maverick is available in three trim levels, all of which come with a hybrid powertrain and front-wheel drive:It's a great option for people who want pickup capability, can't spend too much, and live in an area where parking isn't exactly kind to a 20-foot-long Ford F-150. Its seats aren't particularly comfy on long drives, and its interior isn't fancy by any stretch.But the thing is, in a lot of ways, the Maverick XL manages to make "cheap" appealing — especially when you remember that it only costs $20,000, or less than half the price of the average new car today.The truck's interior is more pleasant to be in than you might expect from a brand's bottom model. Pickup trucks have gotten bulkier, fancier, and more expensive over the years, and buyers can't get enough: The F-150 and Chevy Silverado reign as two of the most popular vehicles on the market, and either truck can push $80,000 fully-loaded.But new entrants like the Maverick and Hyundai Santa Cruz — smaller, cheaper, and more maneuverable than their rivals — show that sometimes, to use a cliche, less really is more.

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