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Fresh Protests Force Hong Kong to Postpone Extradition Bill Debate

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Occupy 2.0.”Read
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Hong Kong police unleashed rounds of tear gas and fired bean bag pellets at protesters Wednesday, dispersing large crowds that had assembled around the government headquarters and legislature to demonstrate against a proposed extradition law.Local media reported that some protesters had stormed into the government building, prompting police to set off rounds of tear gas and smoke bombs inside the building, as well as outside.Thousands of demonstrators had poured into the streets surrounding Hong Kong’s legislature Wednesday morning, choking major thoroughfares with barricades and human chains. If this bill passes, there will be no rule of law, and no democracy,” said Wong Yae Ching, 25, a protester.The latest attempts to paralyze Hong Kong through acts of civil disobedience—with youth leading the charge—recall the pro-democracy demonstrations that shook the city during 2014’s “Umbrella Revolution.” That 79-day uprising began with calls to “occupy Central” and already Wednesday’s sit-in around the legislature is being dubbed “Occupy 2.0.”Read more: Hong Kong Stands Up“During Occupy Central 2014, we had said, ‘We will be back,'” Pro-democracy legislator Claudia Mo told the crowd to cheers on Wednesday.

As said here by Laignee Barron / Hong Kong