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Google IO live blog: All the details on the Pixel 6a, Pixel Watch and Android 13

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Well, we've got the full rundown over in our dedicated hub, but as the beta preview has been live since February we do know a few features that are coming with it.They're not hugely illuminating, more focusing on the underlying code, but things like dynamic theming being expanded, allowing third party apps to work with themes and changing icons to match the coloring, are on their way.It appears that this new version of Android - codenamed Tiramisu, taking things back to the days of Android iterations being named after puddings.Things like 'Material You', the overall look and feel of Android 13, will have a lot of interesting visual elements that are changed to match each other - an easier audio picker, sleeker clipboard etc are all on their way and we'll hear much more about them today, rather than having to scan through myriad developer preview findings.(If you are looking for a good, deep dive into what's been found in those developer previews, Android Central has a great run down of what it's found - do go and check it out).OK, the picture above is of the Pixel 5a, but today we're hoping to go one better than that and get the Pixel 6a shown off to us at Google IO.While Google has announced 'A-series' phones at the IO events before, we're not sure that it's going to do so today - it's not certain, but if it does...The Pixel 6 was a reinvention for the Pixel line, with a new design, better camera, the Tensor chipset made by Google and an overall nice design to the screen.The Pixel 6a probably won't have a headphone jack, according to the rumors (the A-series has traditionally kept it) and be made of cheaper material to get the cost down.The camera array will probably be lower-spec too, but of the Tensor chipset is kept, then the computational photography will more than make up the difference for the price.And price is key - the Pixel 6a will undoubtedly be a more affordable phone, and that's going to excite a lot of people. But I'm getting ahead of myself - today is all about Google, and Mr Pichai will be on stage in the Mountain View campus later today to tell us certainly about Android 13, probably about the new Pixel 6a and Pixel Watch (and some weird privacy and search features you never knew you needed) and maybe around some things tablets, headphones and the like.It's in the not knowing that the excitement lies - let's get going throughout the day.Sign up to get breaking news, reviews, opinion, analysis and more, plus the hottest tech deals!Thank you for signing up to TechRadar.

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