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Halo Infinite multiplayer news: Bots, split-screen, free-to-play clarified

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Yes, I'm looking a gift horse in the mouth here, and even the dumbest AI peons will still be a massive upgrade over none at all.This week's blog post also hints at how the new game will onboard novices: "improved systems that deliver better communication of key info to players during a match." This, of course, could mean a million things: a new "ping" feature, like in Apex Legends, or color-coded indicators of objectives, or maybe the classic Halo announcer voice shouting turn-by-turn directions for what to do, Waze style.Speaking of announcers, the series will continue its commitment deep customization by allowing players to swap out the default battle announcer, dubbed "AI," via a chip inserted in the back of your Spartan armor's helmet. Unfortunately, 343 didn't clarify exactly how this new voice system will coexist with default series announcer Jeff Steitzer shouting things like "killtactular!" mid-match.Halo Infinite's multiplayer mode will launch in free-to-play fashion, and if you want to know how that will look, you can peek at Master Chief Collection's free, existing "battle pass" system for a hint.Infinite will offer similar, experience-driven cosmetic unlocks, though they'll require paying real-world money to open their full selection. The new grappling-hook ability appears to be the biggest change, though Monday's video didn't clarify anything beyond the Sunday reveal's glimpse at new crazy maneuvers like the "grapple-jack." (That move rewards players for grappling up to a midair vehicle, then punting its pilot to the ground below.) And, honestly, we're still waiting to see what that grappling hook's recharge meter looks like (lest people shoot grappling hooks every five milliseconds) or whether it can be further limited or outright banned in certain Infinite multiplayer modes and custom games.Did I mention the brand-new Razorback four-wheeler? (If you're looking for other solid firepower options, the "smart scope" semi-zoom returns to classic Halo weapons like the Assault Rifle.)While we assume classic combat modes will fill out Infinite's public matchmaking queues over the course of its seasons, we don't yet know what new or existing modes will receive a particular focus at launch, beyond confirmation that Halo 5's Big Team Battle will return.

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