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Head of Iowa Democratic Party resigns after caucus results debacle

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The Des Moines RegisterTroy Price resigned his position as chairman of the Iowa Democratic Party on Wednesday as the organization grapples with the fallout of a botched caucus process that has left the party and state reeling.In an interview Wednesday evening with the Des Moines Register, he said there was a lot for Iowa Democrats to be proud of, but that the failures on caucus night were "heartbreaking.""I believed that we were in a good spot," he said when asked whether there were warning signs that should have been heeded. And I felt that we were.”Price said he will call for an emergency meeting of that committee for 1 p.m. Saturday to elect an interim chair.He told Iowa Democratic Party's State Central Committee in a letter that his presence as chair made it more difficult for the party to "begin looking forward."“Whomever is elected will oversee the completion of the recanvass and recount process and begin the process of healing our party,” he wrote in the letter.A link has been posted to your Facebook feed. Party officials said those audits should start on Sunday and conclude two days later.The party also reviewed results from 95 precincts independent of the campaigns' recanvass requests.The Associated Press still has not called a winner in the race.► More: Iowa Democratic Party accepts recanvass requests of all precincts highlighted by Sanders, Buttigieg campaignsWe've been the news Iowa depends upon since 1849. That’s when we said we wouldn’t be releasing results that night.”► More: Iowa caucus 2020: Inside the Iowa Democratic Party's 'boiler room,' where 'hell' preceded the results catastropheA link has been posted to your Facebook feed. The problems with this month's results have shifted the focus back to Iowa's arcane rules and complex process and will undoubtedly have repercussions for future election cycles.But Price said he remains confident in the caucuses as a process and said both that Iowa should not switch to a primary and that it should remain first in the nation."I think there’s a lot to unpack," he said.

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