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How a part-time Domino's employee built a franchise empire - Business Insider

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When Emily Elwell started answering phones at Domino's in college, she figured she would stick around just long enough to get enough money to buy her family Christmas presents."And then I'm gonna quit, because who works at Domino's their whole life?" Elwell told Business Insider.But Elwell stuck around for nine more years, climbing her way up to become a shift manager, then an area supervisor, bouncing from one managing position at Missouri Domino's to another as it fit her life. And it proves to other workers that working at Domino's isn't a dead-end job."It makes it more real to our other managers that are coming up through the system, or maybe that driver who's considering management but isn't sure that there is a future with Domino's," Elwell said.The Elwells avoid expanding into dense urban areas, despite the large pool of potential customers.The biggest city they operate in is Joplin, Missouri, which, with a population of 50,000 "isn't considered big by any means if you're comparing to Kansas City, St. Louis, and all the major cities across the United States," Elwell said.Elwell estimates her potential customers by how many live in a 10- to 20-mile radius of her possible location.She asks: "How many people are going to be looking to eat dinner, lunch?

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