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How God of War?s impressive PC port came to life

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“So a lot of the work that we did early on was about hitting those points on the graphic quality, making sure that the graphics quality were up to standards and that it was responsive on the PC platform and then making sure that the controls were customizable and felt good in the native configuration.”I can’t speak to how God of War will run on everyone’s PC, of course — and as a hypothetical, DeWald wouldn’t be drawn on how it’ll perform on the Steam Deck — but my experience with the game on a five-year-old machine has been positive. Each visual option can be run in “original” mode, which basically gives you PS4-level quality, and you can crank them up or down from there.While you might not immediately think of it as a good fit given its heritage as a console-based action game, God of War on PC can be played with mouse and keyboard controls, and the scheme is surprisingly well thought out. If we know that we’re going to have a large range of formats that we’re going to move into or we know that we’re going to need to have control customization, the programmers actually need to know that very early on in a project so that they can build the code base in a way that’s more flexible.”That will also allow Santa Monica Studio to help make its games more accessible, with Pavlin citing the example of how the way God of War was initially only designed with hard-coded PS4 controls in mind caused a lot of work for the team to rethink its inputs on PC.

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