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How the rising popularity of EVs could lead to a resurgence of drum brakes | Engadget

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Drums are generally immune from that issue as they’re effectively sealed off from the surrounding road environment.A spokesperson from Volkswagen AG’s brake development department, concurred, “drum brakes seem antiquated, but for an EV like the ID.4, it’s the perfect solution.” They pointed to drums’ lack of residual torque and drag, as well as their lower wear and corrosion rates which leads to the lower emission of brake dust than discs, as the brake system’s primary benefits.“The drum brake, as built in the ID.3, provides many benefits, particularly in the field of e-vehicles,” Dr. Bernhard Klumpp, head of the business unit Hydraulic Brake Systems at Continental said in a 2020 press statement, “for instance a longer service interval of up to 150,000 kilometers.” That’s effectively the life of the vehicle.In EVs, where the battery packs can weigh as much as a U-Haul trailer, every gram is precious and every ounce comes at a cost. “We have another step forward that will be going completely electromechanical for the drum brake, we're continuing to invest in this technology.”Continental had previously worked to develop an all-in-one disc-brake system in 2017 aimed at the EV market, dubbed the New Wheel Concept.

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