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How to Break Into the Hex From 'WandaVision'?With Physics!

the Hex
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For humans, that’s just plain bad.)In Monica’s case, she wisely figures that she needs some type of radiation shielding to get through—and she works out her calculations on a board. (It’s very unlikely that gamma rays will turn you into the Hulk.)All the types of radiation are actually extremely different. It should be noted that neutrons were discovered long after the first three kinds of radiation, so this type didn’t get a cool Greek letter like the others.Now we need to calculate the amount of shielding required for Monica’s mission past the hex field and into Westview. (Stopping beta particles is actually how many x-ray machines produce their x-rays.) They aren’t as bad as gamma rays, but x-rays can also be damaging; that’s why they put that lead apron on you. Higher-energy radiation needs more shielding, and different energies of particles or electromagnetic waves interact with matter in different ways.Finally, you also have to take into account the exposure time. However, let’s make an assumption that Wanda’s hex shield produces only gamma radiation of a particular energy. The value for B should obviously depend on the type of shielding material and the energy of the gamma rays. E? I suspect that’s a way to describe how the flux changes with gamma ray energy, since different energies interact differently with matter (and humans).Overall, I think this is a pretty good board. Is the goal of that board to actually calculate the radiation shielding for Wanda’s hex field?

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