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How to clean your grill: Best grill covers, brushes and cleaners

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Experts also recommended products to use while cleaning, like brushes, scrapers and more.SKIP AHEAD Grill brushes and scrapes | Grill cleaning supplies | Grill coversWolf, author of the recently released “Food by Fire,” said it’s common for people to add fat to foods while barbecuing, like butter on steak or oily marinades on chicken. Clean grill grates also help create crisp sear marks on food from meat to vegetables.People think they’re saving propane, but in reality, you’ll have to burn more when you start up your grill the next time to get the grates clean.Glenn Lyman, personal chef and grilling expertWest, who recently released the book “Big Book of BBQ Tricks,” said he likes using stainless steel grill brushes because they can withstand high heat. If you grill year round, he said to schedule your deep cleans around the warm season, or whenever you're likely to use your grill the most.The grill grates require cleaning after every use.When it comes to which tools to use to clean your grill, West said stainless steel and silicone brushes are preferred — these materials can withstand high heat. He said to avoid using metal tools, which can scratch the grill and cause premature rusting.Experts recommend cleaning your grill’s grate after every cooking session while it’s still hot. You should also use a grill brush to clean the grill grate before you cook, but if you thoroughly clean the grill after cooking, cleaning it before cooking will require very little effort, West said.Just like how people forget to clean the inside of their grill’s lid, the underside of grill grates are also often forgotten about. Then, turn on the heat for about 15 to 20 minutes before scraping off soot and dirt with a brush before turning off the heat.You can clean the outside of your grill with warm water and dish soap after it’s completely cool, West said. Lyman said you can clean grill grates on gas and charcoal grills with the same tools.

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