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How to make the most of that Instant Pot you just bought

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Unless you're only cooking for yourself or you have a large family, I think the 6-quart model should work for most people.With any appliance, I would suggest reading the instructions to get a full idea on how to use it, but here's a brief primer.The Instant Pot has three parts: the housing with the cooking element at the bottom; the stainless steel inner pot; and the lid, which comes with a sealing ring plus a steam-release valve. On something like the Ultra, you just need to go to the Pressure Cooker menu, dial it to two minutes and select High.Then make sure your valve is set to "Sealing" so that the Instant Pot can build pressure. Once the cooking is done, you can let the pot naturally depressurize (also known as "Natural Release"), which simply means leaving it alone for 20 or so minutes until the float valve comes down.Or you can do a manual release (also known as "Quick Release") by switching that aforementioned valve to "Venting." To do that on the Duo models, you rotate the valve, while on the Ultra, you'll press a steam release button on the top. The Instant Pot probably won't explode on you -- it has a lot of safety features to prevent that -- but you probably shouldn't test its boundaries.Setting the pressure cooker timer for two minutes doesn't mean the entire cooking time is two minutes. You have to take into account the amount of time the Instant Pot needs to come to pressure and the time it'll need to depressurize. Her Instant Pot pulled pork recipe is still my go-to, and the short ribs are great as well.Serious EatsMy personal favorite site for pressure-cooker recipes is probably Serious Eats.

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