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His likeness was produced by a generative adversarial network (GAN), a branch of artificial intelligence, and the report's allegations were baseless.Disinformation researchers have warned that deepfake personas like Martin Aspen pose a threat to democracy, though up until now the threat has been minimal. "Key giveaways for GAN-created faces tend to be vague, out of focus backgrounds, or weird textures," said Elise Thomas, the researcher at the Australian Strategic Policy Institute who first outed Aspen as an AI fraud."Sometimes they look like they're borrowed from other things," she added. There's an odd element by Aspen's left temple where thinning grey hair casts dark brown shadows that it shouldn't.If you're keen to stay away from disinformation in the coming days ahead of the election – or in the coming years, come what may – then Thomas recommends visiting Which Face is Real, a website that shows you a real and a computer-generated face, and tries to help train people to spot the common issues with AI-generated ones."It really helps to get your eye in for GAN faces," she said.

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