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Hyper is a new fund that offers $300k checks and promise of a media slingshot for founders

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the Product Hunt community’
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Sequoia Capital

Josh Buckley
Product Hunt’s
Dustin Curtis
Malika Cantor
Ashton Brown
Serena Williams
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Garry Tan
Harry Stebbings
Jeffrey Katzenberg
Owen van Natta
Ryan Hoover
Ryan Tedder
Sriram Krishnan
Andreeessen Horowitz
Ashley Higgins


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Hyper is a $60M early-stage fund co-founded by Josh Buckley, Product Hunt’s CEO along with writer, founder and designer Dustin Curtis. Hyper works with early-stage companies at three key junctures in a startup’s journey:Founders who go through the program will remain a part of the tight-knit Hyper founder community long past their Series A.Over the past few months, Buckley says that Product Hunt has grown headcount by around 50% in part to boost its ability to act as an enhanced distribution channel. Interestingly, unlike many marketing-operations-disguised-as-journalistic-enterprises, Curtis says that they want these to be real, functioning media companies and that startups funded by Hyper will be presented on those sites and platforms in clearly defined sections that make it clear that they are part of the program. The mentorship component that Hyper hopes to add for founders in the fund is an 8-week founder program that includes individuals from “partners” like Andreeessen Horowitz, AngelList, Sequoia Capital, the Twenty Minute VC Podcast and Product Hunt helping founders to solve ‘key challenges’. Some of the participants are investors in Hyper, though none of the funds participated themselves The group includes some close to home figures as well, in Product Hunt GM Ashley Higgins and founder Ryan Hoover.The program will also offer office hours with experts, an exclusive Product Hunt launch event and a Public Hyper Demo Day and Investor Demo Day to participate in within a year of being in the program.The Hyper concept sounds fresh in combination, if not in components.

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