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I'm a financial planner, and I have 3 tips for anyone who's thinking about rage-quitting their job right now

the Culture of Reinvention”Get
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Bryn Johnson
Ramit Sethi
Anika Hedstrom

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Free subscriber-exclusive audiobook!“No Rules Rules: Netflix and the Culture of Reinvention”Get it now on using the button below.Before the pandemic, many professionals believed working remotely would help them find more balance. If you're among them, consider three things before making your next move.Manhattan-based career therapist Bryn Johnson has worked with mid-career professionals for well over a decade, and has seen an increased interest in people looking to use the pandemic as a launching pad into something new. Instead of rage-quitting a job, they're looking to leverage the changes they made during the pandemic to secure better opportunities at work.What pivots did you make during the pandemic that are worthy of a promotion, more compensation, or a different job? With a little work and planning, the pandemic may turn out to be a launching pad into something much greater than you imagined.Anika Hedstrom, MBA, CFP, co-founded Uplevel Wealth, a boutique wealth management firm serving women and professional families.

As said here by Anika Hedstrom