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I Ranked "Sims 3" Expansion Packs From Least To Most Cool, So You Don't Have To

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The Sims 3
World Adventures
Sims Unleashed
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Diesel Stuff

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However, packs farther down on the list prove to be more of an asset to overall gameplay.Diesel Stuff is very useful for those Simmers who like to focus on the young adult Sim. Many of the clothes and furniture are very stylish and add some flair to the existing offerings of Create A Sim and build/buy mode. However, there are still other packs that provide more features and content that place this one lower on the list.The first expansion pack released for The Sims 3, World Adventures offers three new areas to players that feature sprawling new locales and numerous quests for the amateur explorer. It got especially stale when I received a five star visa, which occurred after only a few visits.This pack is a great addition to any Simmer's collection in order to spruce up your bathrooms and give your bedrooms a much-needed needed refresh — though it didn't provide much more to than that.This is one of the best stuff packs out there for The Sims 3, as the furniture and decor allows for a beautiful outdoor oasis in your Sim's own backyard. This pack also has a strong variety of build/buy and Create-A-Sim items.Pets expansions have always been extremely popular in the Sims franchise ever since Sims Unleashed.

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