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If You Don't Have These 55 Things In Your Home, You're Missing Out

AirPod Pros
24-packs).Base Roots
Base Roots on Etsy
Le Creuset
Spice Designs
Life of Spice Designs on Etsy
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Marie Kondo
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Ewart Woods


West Elm

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I’m going to use these everywhere!" —Queen HalloweenGet the six-piece kit from Amazon for $20.99 (available in two light colors).Promising review: "This is a beautiful shower head, very thin, but feels quite sturdy and heavy. It’s 100% worth it." —KatieMGet it from Amazon for $45.98+ (available in two options).Promising review: "I had tried everything to get the hardware stains off my shower. Smells, drafts, and sound all are less of an issue now." —Brit B.Get it from Amazon for $8.99+ (available in four colors).Promising review: "Bought these because my old coasters left puddles of water from the condensation on drinks. Love that there are two slightly different designs in a pack." —Liza PGet it from Amazon for $14.99.Promising review: "So easy to put together, I could put it together with my eyes closed. It fit amazingly perfectly between the tub and the toilet, and it has created so much more space, and my bathroom is no longer cluttered because of this product." —COS45BGet it from Amazon for $34.88 (available in two colors).Promising reviews: "My hair has never been better! The cookbook that came with it has many good recipes, have not made anything I didn’t like out of the little cookbook." —ReadMyLips29Get it from Amazon for $119.99 (available in three colors).Promising reviews: "These mats are a game changer for all of my ovens and grill. PederciniGet it from Amazon for $10.99 (available in 8.5 inch and 7.5 inch).Promising review: "I ordered a few different sets from this company, and all seem really airtight so far. Yay!" —JackieGet them from Amazon for $37.99+.Promising review: "This charger looks great and works great. It would make a nice housewarming gift." —StefGet it from Amazon for $59.99 (available in seven colors).Promising review: "I rarely write reviews, but I am so enamored with this TV, I had to... It’s just incredible!" —FLgirlGet it from Amazon for $527.99+ (available in six sizes, six styles, and with or without expert installation).Promising review: "This is great! It fits men's size 10 shoes perfectly." —Aaron Staley Get it from Amazon for $46.15+ (available in two colors and widths).Promising review: "If you need to Marie Kondo your closet, this is really useful, and it looks really nice. Get a two-pack from Amazon for $11.99 (available in two colors).Promising review: "I have a tiny kitchen with only three drawers, so space is at a premium. You NEED this if you have a small kitchen with few drawers!" —mialroGet it on Amazon for $11.99.PS: You can get the knife organizer (also pictured above) for $11.99 too.Promising review: "I LOVE LOVE LOVE these organizers!! Perfect." —Michelle WilliamsGet it from Amazon for $18.99.Promising review: "Very pleased with the product, came with the necessary hardware, easy to install, seems pretty sturdy, and solved a storage problem — no more piles of rolled towels on top of my toilet tank, and now I can reserve the hooks on my bathroom door for towels that are currently in use... Good product at a decent price." —Kilidonia de AceroGet it from Amazon for $19.99 (available in six colors).Promising review: "I love this blanket! Sometimes trying something new can be a great thing." —dej92Get them from Amazon for $129.50+ (available in six sizes/weights and 12 colors).Promising review: "I can't imagine not having this now. Tushy helps the inside buns to feel cleaner; thus no smelly as(k)." —KayTGet it from Tushy for $99 (originally $129; available in five colors with five knob variations).Promising review: "Do I really need a tea bag organizer? Couldn’t recommend more!!!" —Scott PowersGet it from Amazon for $24.99 (available in two sizes and three colors).Promising reviews: "So happy with this purchase! Exactly what I was looking for." —CaityGet it from Amazon for $32+ (available in two sizes).Promising review: "This is literally exactly what I was looking for, but better! Pure genius." —RyanGet it from Amazon for $29 (available in two colors).This device is portable and has continuous play, memory function, non-looping sounds, and a one-to-five-hour timer setting.Promising reviews: "Amazing product, has helped me to improve my relaxation levels. Also cool sounds too." —Paloma G.Get it from Amazon for $23.99.Promising review: "I've been looking for something like this forever. Would highly recommend and will buy again." —Kindle CustomerGet them from Amazon for $6.49.Promising review: "Great for organizing. Will recommend this." —DeepikaGet it from Amazon for $19.99 (available in four sizes and in packs of two, four, six, or eight).Promising review: "This product is amazing. This is by far the best kitchen cleaning product I've ever purchased." —khrystyne torresGet it from Amazon for $3.98+ (available in four and 24-packs).Base Roots is a Nevada-based small business that sells lots of modern and vibrant home decor.Promising review: "My fruit basket arrived the day after I ordered it! I recommend this to anyone looking for space-saving storage!" —Jaclyn Get it from Amazon for $9.97+ (available in four colors).Promising review: "These are nice pieces that helped me organize underneath my bathroom sink! LeahyGet it on Amazon for $27.97 (also available in bronze).Promising review: "Luxurious look. It lights up blue, easy to recharge, and most definitely a good product to give as a gift." —Babi GendutGet it from Amazon for $25.99.Get a set of four from West Elm for $22 (available in two sizes and four colors).Promising reviews: "I absolutely love Le Creuset for their brilliant colors that make me smile. It's much better than most random cheap chef's knives from a big-box retailer or a knife block set." —MidbestGet it from Amazon for $37.78.Reviewers say it's especially great for plant parents with grow lights or reptile/bunny parents with heat lights inside their cages.Promising reviews: "With this, you're able to see total, daily, and monthly energy usage, and I schedule things to turn off during the night and when we're not usually home/in that room much. The app works great and is easy to use, and no issues with disconnecting." —ccGet it from Amazon for $49.99.Promising review: "This made a corner with lots of cords much more appealing! Box is cute too!" —Amazon CustomerGet it from Amazon for $15.99 (available in black and white).Don't forget to grab compatible label tape!Promising reviews: "This label maker is an organized person's dream come true!... Working great." —MollieGet it on Amazon starting at $99 (available in two colors and for curtain rods and U rails).Ewart Woods is a small business that creates handmade organization and storage solutions that blend into your home decor.Promising review: "The sofa arm table is gorgeous; the color is great and fits perfectly on my sofa! I’m going to keep it on my desk for when I’m working, and I’ll never go without hot coffee again!" —ADR80Get it from Amazon for $25.99+ (available in eight colors).Promising reviews: "I have a small Sears portable dryer. Totally recommend!!" —Nessa UrbanGet a pack of four from Amazon for $9.99 (available in three colors).Promising review: "This product is awesome!

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