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In growth marketing, creative is the critical X factor


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Inversely, it can be as complex as testing 60 new assets consisting of multiple themes and copy variations.For a lower spending account, the creative testing should be leaner due to limited event signal and vice versa with a higher spending account. Think about it: What are you doing to not only hook, but reel people in with “creative” — the make or break it factor in paid social growth marketing?Creative testing is only getting tougher for mobile campaigns as iOS 14.5 obfuscates user data, but that doesn’t equal impossible and simply means we need to get craftier. After running people through the lead form, communications can be sent to convert them so ad dollars are being put to good use.The testing efforts for creative asset types should differ widely by account stage and can be broken down into three I’s: imitation, iteration, innovation.The type of creative testing should vary over time. I can spend hours scanning through creative assets, and each advertiser provides even more intel and inspiration.Creative should be at the top of the list as you think of where to place efforts on your paid social growth marketing.

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