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Inside the hidden world of competitive lockpicking

Augusta Locksports

Rory Rezzelle

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This means potentially using drills and other tools to break the lock, whereas a picker has the time to feel for the mechanics."People see locks and keys as these magical items that just work when you use them together," he said. But it's not just a matter of achieving accolades, it's also a useful tool in establishing your development."The belt system is a way to categorize locks to help people know what to look for," he said, "as well as provide a game to play along the way."So no, you don't have to live or die by the belt.As the pins fall into the correct arrangement, the shear line is clear and the key can be turned.To understand the basics of lockpicking, you must first understand the mechanics of a lock itself. The community is united on that front, with mods receiving reports of any violations almost immediately."We are extremely strict about not assisting anyone with picking a lock in use, regardless of whether they own the lock, or whether they have permission to do so," said Sell."One reason is because they might very well break that lock, but another reason is that we want to discourage the idea that we are here to help pick locks for a purpose other than fun."But the murky waters of intent do leave many hobbyists anxious. "The look on someone's face the first time they pop a lock open is priceless every time."Once you've researched the legality of practicing locksport, it's time to pick your tools. It's at this point you might need to seek out a specific tool or tutorial to give you better understanding and access."The first high-security lock I picked was an old 6-pin Medeco Original padlock without a key," said Sell. I found even little modifications to a pick profile can make a huge difference in how they interact with a lock, and that made me want to make more."Custom picks serve a practical purpose, but they also add an element of personality and style.With the coronavirus pandemic upending life as we know it, now's the perfect time to get into lockpicking.

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