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Is Making Advanced GUI Applications with Godot the Future?

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So everything you see here you can accomplish in your own application using Godot.Sure you can find sophisticate GUIs like this through other tools. E.g. some of the competing engines use Qt to make their editor.But here is the kicker:All of Godot with Engine end Editor is a mere 31.1 MB download. Mail is about 30 MB, Photos 50 MB.In other words Godot is in size much close to applications with a very narrow set of functionality.Godot GUI design is insanely fast to work with compared to what I have been used to before. All you would do in that case is to change the relative position of a child component to its parent.In any advanced GUI you will need a lot of special customized GUI components configured in particular ways to fit your application.This never plays nice with traditional GUI designers. But I hope I have gotten across the point that they have really thought about ergonomics.So many of the problems I have faced in the past hindering me from working efficiently with GUIs they seem to have anticipated.But perhaps the real killer feature is that you can run your application and modify its GUI layout and the code of attached scripts while it is running and those changes get immediately reflected in the running application.Sure this kind of functionality where you can edit code while you are running exists many places in some form. The first issue with the alternatives is that they are huge bloated lumbering beasts.Think about it if somebody wants to look at some GUI you are working on, you can send them the Godot project files and they are a 31 MB download away from looking at it. Sure you can copy paste a collection of GUI components in Qt Creator, but if you decide you want to make a modification you are screwed.In Godot in contrast you can use a collection of GUI components you made as a template. For a complex GUI application with large projects which have to be loaded before you get to the thing you want to test, this is a killer.My discussion of Web technologies needs some disclaimers. You are basically just copy pasting a chunk of HTML several times representing your new custom component.This means you are typically working through templating engines and there is no one to one mapping between what you are writing and what is going on in the web browser.This contrasts with Godot e.g. From a development standpoint I can create a custom component and instantiate that. This helps on he whole round trip and lowers mental complexity in working with it.Now it may seem crazy to use a game engine for making an application given that it does steal more CPU cycles due to the need for constant rendering. The problem as they saw it was that it works too poorly to make complex custom GUI components. Atom e.g. doesn’t have color pick with a color wheel.It seems crazy to use a game engine to make a GUI application. A lot of tweaking, experimentation and playing will be needed to get a game right.This has caused game engines to solve the problem that has faced those of us working on large complex GUI applications. E.g. Tesla was built on the idea that instead of building a car using custom car batteries, they opted for the seemingly insane idea of using 7000 laptop batteries to power their car.It seemed like a nonsensical solution, but it worked because the laptop marked was so huge and this had caused laptop batteries to be really good and cheap.This will happen with traditional GUI toolkits: They will fall behind what is happing in the hyper competitive game engine world.The key downside of using a Game Engine is that is renders constantly which causes a higher constant GPU and CPU usage. Perhaps we can have a cake and eat it too?I wrote this story thinking Godot was the answer to the challenges people who make large complex GUIs have.

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