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Israel: Bennett?s win and Netanyahu?s ?dangerous? defeat

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Perhaps greater freedom of voting, assuming that on such issues Likud [party] would have no choice but supporting the coalition’s right-wing,” said Voller, adding that the latter is highly speculative at this stage.In his speech on Sunday, Bennett confirmed his proclivity for unity in lieu of division as he is acutely aware that compromises from all parties involved are required to be successful.Addressing the conflict with Hamas and relations with the Palestinian Authority will hence be far from being a priority for now.“I estimate that at least in its first months, the new government will try to sideline the conflict, to deal with domestic issues and de-escalate tensions within Israel, and to delay the unavoidable clash within the coalition,” said Voller.He sees two scenarios in particular that could make or break the fragile coalition regarding this topic.“One scenario is that Bennet, to prove that he is not a puppet of his left-wing partners, will advance a more hardline approach toward the Palestinian question, and particularly the settlement question.”“A more optimistic scenario is one in which the coalition, to preserve some stability, will simply try to maintain the existing status quo and avoid actions that lead to escalation,” said Voller.However, a paradigm shift towards lasting peace will remain inconceivable, Voller predicted. However, if the trial will end in a conviction, then it would be more realistic to expect a sentence that includes jail time than not,” said Hacmun.Israel’s new government is a hodgepodge of political parties that came together to unseat Netanyahu.Palestinian leaders say new Israeli PM Naftali Bennett is likely to pursue same right-wing agenda as Benjamin Netanyahu.Several world leaders congratulate the new government as Palestinians see little prospect for change.Israeli parliament approves new government, with right-wing nationalist Naftali Bennett sworn in as prime minister.Follow Al Jazeera English:

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