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'It was disturbing': Attorneys question Georgia county deputies' search of Delaware State bus

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Prominent Georgia attorneys question the actions of sheriff's deputies in Liberty County, Georgia, some even speculating that they violated the civil rights of student-athletes from a Delaware HBCU when they searched the lacrosse players' motorcoach.Video footage of a traffic stop by Liberty County deputies, who pulled over and searched a bus filled with student-athletes from Delaware State University traveling home from a match in Florida, has already brought calls for legal consequences. At that point they saw a vehicle, a white bus with dark tinted windows, traveling on I-95 North in the left hand lane, which is a clear violation of Georgia state law."He has since said that his officers did nothing wrong, "but we could have done things a lot better, and we would like to get more feedback from the university and the students."Redmon said that while the search may have been legal, the stop itself was likely improper. That's not constitutional."Davis said Bowman was correct that an alert from a K9 unit would constitute probable cause, but he thought it was unnecessary to bring in a K9 unit to investigate a bus full of college athletes in the first place.Jonathan Rapping, a professor at Atlanta's John Marshall Law School and founder of Gideon's Promise, an organization to educate public defenders, said that using a dog to sniff a vehicle is legal so long as it does not prolong the traffic stop, but that dogs can be unreliable."The Supreme Court has said that a dog's sniff is not a search," he said.

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