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Jay Inslee Is the Democratic Party?s Sanest 2020 Candidate

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But anyone who’s glanced at the most recent IPCC report will recognize that humanity, in general — and the Democratic Party’s 2020 field, in particular — is taking an attitude toward climate change that’s roughly as rational as that of a family who keeps postponing plans to do something about that pesky house fire.Which makes Jay Inslee — the governor of Washington state, and latest entrant into the 2020 race — the sanest (if not only sane) presidential candidate we’ve got.Sure, every remotely progressive 2020 hopeful has expressed support for the Green New Deal. Promising to treat climate change like a genuine emergency is.The credibility of Inslee’s promise is buttressed by his other distinguishing characteristic: He is one of the only Democratic candidates to call for the abolition of the Senate filibuster, an anti-democratic institution that renders comprehensive action on climate (and a wide-range of other issues) all-but impossible.“I do believe that the time for the filibuster has come and gone,” Inslee told the HuffPost earlier this week. As FiveThirtyEight notes, there’s a reason why no other Democratic candidate is promising to put the abstract threat of climate above cutting Americans’ medical costs and raising their wages:Just before the 2018 midterm elections, Gallup released findings that placed climate change as the fifth-most-important issue to Democratic voters, behind topics like health care and wealth inequality … [P]utting climate change ahead of all other issues could be risky, Stanford University psychologist Jon Krosnick said. Krosnick’s surveys show that about 18 percent of voters are passionate about climate change, which means that “taking a stand on this issue is electorally very wise, but making this a signature issue is probably unwise.” But electoral wisdom and the substantive variety are two very different things. And maybe — just maybe — it will help persuade our next president to make “avert ecological holocaust” the number two item on his or her to-do list.Could we finally see Trump’s tax returns?The top tax-writing committee in the House is readying a request for years of President Donald Trump’s personal tax returns that is expected to land at the Internal Revenue Service as early as the next few weeks, according to congressional aides involved in the process. HUD’s efforts to tighten federal carbon monoxide protections have been mired in a confusing patchwork of federal inspection standards and a slow-moving effort to reform them, according to an NBC News review of federal protocols and interviews with more than a dozen housing officials, industry groups and public health experts.Oh great, everyone wanted more of thisBernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are tiffing again.Almost three years after their Democratic primary came to an end, it’s clear that tensions are still raw for some in both camps as the Vermont independent senator embarks on his second presidential campaign.The week began with Sanders and Clinton allies hurling invective at each other through the press over a Politico story about the private jets Sanders requested from Clinton’s camp when he stumped for her in the 2016 general election.In the story, a former Clinton aide derided Sanders as “his Royal Majesty King Bernie Sanders” while a former Sanders aide called Clintonworld “some of the biggest a–holes in American politics” — and those were just the on-the-record quotes that sources were willing to put their name to.The week ended Friday with Clinton’s spokesperson firing back at Sanders after he said he has no interest in seeking any advice from Democrats’ most recent presidential nominee.Will anyone vote for the climate candidate?Today, Washington governor Jay Inslee announced that’s jumping into the extremely crowded field of Democrats running in 2020. And it’s unclear how many Democratic primary voters believe climate change is like slavery extension in 1860 or the League of Nations in 1920–a paradigm-shifting issue that makes nothing else really matter. I guess maybe the better analogy might be the Great Depression in 1932, though again, not sure that’s how primary voters will see it.Well, climate change is definitely not number 1 among Democratic voters’ concerns. There’s a reason the green agenda often gets stalled at higher gasoline prices.Maybe a candidacy like Inslee’s is helpful in moving that public understanding along, but that’s not entirely clear, is it?And a third is that the incentives of our political system (or really any electoral democracy) militate against imposing short-term pain on your constituents for longterm benefit.Other than that, we’re in the clear.He needs to begin every public utterance with the words: “As my friend Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez likes to say….”HahaMaybe he can obtain charisma by association.Trump: What I said on tape was not what I meantI never like being misinterpreted, but especially when it comes to Otto Warmbier and his great family. Amazon has already signed leases for at least two other grocery locations with openings planned for early next year, this person said.The new stores would be distinct from the company’s upscale Whole Foods Market brand, though it is unclear whether the new grocery chain would carry the Amazon name.The new stores would be distinct from the company’s upscale Whole Foods Market brand, though it is unclear whether the new grocery chain would carry the Amazon name.Amazon is also exploring an acquisition strategy to widen the new supermarket brand by purchasing regional grocery chains with about a dozen stores under operation, one person said.Bernie sidesteps what has become a hot-button issue on the campaign trailJay Inslee’s logo has kind of a sinister feel to itThe effects of the pointless government shutdown are still being feltMore than a month after the longest government shutdown in US history ended, a significant number of Transportation Security Administration employees still have not received all of the back-pay they are owed.The delay has been caused in part due to an unusual move during the shutdown to pay a partial paycheck to workers in order to help keep them on the job. The exact number is unclear as employees continue to come forward with complaints that they are still owed money from the shutdown.A glib defense of Trump from one of his most ardent backers “I’ve found most people don’t write checks if they think they’re involved in a crime.”CPAC is full of very serious peopleOtto Warmbier’s parents are understandably upset with Trump’s willful gullibility about their sonJust say “batshit,” TedIt’s unseasonably cold in much of America, but Europe’s a different storyEurope’s freakishly warm weather is likely to extend into the middle of March and may be evidence that human activity like burning fossil fuels is shifting the climate.That’s what scientists are saying after temperatures topped 20 degrees Celsius (68 degrees Fahrenheit) for the first time during the winter in the U.K. The comments, which are becoming increasingly frequent with each new spell of unusual weather, break with the convention that individual shifts in the temperature are almost impossible to link to a change in the climate.“Almost certainly, man made climate change has already made events like this week’s more likely than if humans were not warming the planet with our fossil fuel emissions,” said James Screen, a climate scientist at the University of Exeter.This is the first time Ben Shapiro and LeBron have ever appeared in consecutive sentences.

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