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Julie Chen says she was 'terrible' when <em>Big Brother</em> began

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"Let&apos;s just say what everyone knows: I was the Chenbot. I&apos;m the only person that&apos;s not going to be wearing a mask for the limited time when I&apos;m on television, but when we&apos;re in commercial or what have you, that mask is going on.I&apos;ve watched nine different COVID safety videos. I have to say, I think Big Brother did an amazing job.What&apos;s the situation going to be like on set for you in terms of your interaction with other crew members? So that&apos;s six people. But that was so long ago when we didn&apos;t have a live audience that it&apos;s going to take a second or two for me to remember what it was like. Well, we have new music and we&apos;re not going to have cardboard cutouts of Mary Hart and other Dodgers fans where the live audience would have sat.Actually, if you were to be on the set, normally there&apos;s a long table with about eight people side-by-side next to the teleprompter — you know, the script runner and other staff members. And because we&apos;ve done it for many seasons early on without a live audience, by the way, some of the returning all-stars, I think when they did originally play the game, there wasn&apos;t a live audience. I don&apos;t know. You think it is going to be double eviction?" And I&apos;m like, " You don&apos;t know if we&apos;re doing eviction or not this summer!"But the good thing is this: On one hand, these returning players, the "all-stars" — they&apos;re professional Big Brother players. I finally met my match." Or "That person really gets under my skin and brings down my game because I can&apos;t shake that person." So it&apos;s going to be interesting to watch, whether you see someone practice something from their playbook from seasons past and it works, or they practice something else.Related content:Julie Chen hosts as the houseguests battle it out.

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