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You wouldn’t know it from following Sean Neumann, freelance journalist, bassist in indie rock act Ratboys, and solo artist behind Jupiter Styles.Neumann’s constantly promoting his work on social media, whether it’s articles he’s written, music he’s tinkering with, or musings on baseball and wrestling. You hear this in the first words Neumann sings on the song — “I’m getting scared I don’t remember that my friend’s dead” — immediately announcing itself as one of the album’s essential cuts.“The song is about someone I worked with and who I saw multiple times a week,” he tells MTV News. This is most evident on what Neumann considers the climax of the album, “Now I’m Here.” The minimal track is carried by Neumann’s exasperated vocal performance where he croons, “I sat at the back of his funeral, late, but I caught the end,” and “I know there are times when I just want to go and be like him.”Neumann also wrestles with social media’s never-ending assault on self-worth with the track “Haunted,” capturing a common feeling: “Two-thousand fucking friends now / Ain’t a one wants to hear from me.” “Songs should have an openness where you can place yourself in,” he explains. Otherwise there would be no point in putting it out there,” he says.Whether it’s as Sean Neumann, freelancer, or Jupiter Styles, musical project, it’s clear that Neumann invests in stories.

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