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Just starting out in the cloud? 14 experts offer their advice

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Scott Gerber
Vik Patel
Jean Ginzburg
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Brian David Crane
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You’re unlikely to find a modern business that hasn’t heard of cloud computing — and many have already made the switch to hosting their data in the cloud. Being able to access your files anytime, anywhere and from any internet-connected device can be a huge boon for flexible work arrangements, plus it can greatly reduce IT and server equipment costs.If you haven’t used the cloud before, it can be difficult and a bit overwhelming to know where to begin, so we asked Young Entrepreneur Council members the following question:What’s one piece of practical advice you’d offer a small business that’s just getting started with cloud computing?The cloud is an umbrella term for a disparate array of technologies, from web-based software to virtual servers and a wide variety of infrastructure services. If you’re new to cloud computing, it might be best to start gradually and with data that’s not crucial to your business. Prioritize easy workflow integrationLook for cloud-based storage services that can easily integrate with your other technology platforms. Look at your provider’s security featuresEveryone is jumping to the cloud for data protection and access to their favorite software and platforms. You want to make sure you’ve picked the right cloud service for your business before you move all of your business over. Test different technologiesMany cloud data storage tools have a free trial where you can try out the technology before deciding to commit. – Brian David Crane, Caller Smart Inc.Not all cloud computing was created equally, and different industries require different solutions.

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