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Kevin Samuels? death raises a simmering debate between Black men and women

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Instead, she said, Samuels became known for laying this perceived blame on women, too.While some Black men saw Samuels as a hero because he “said things to women that most men weren’t saying,” she said, his videos also further stoked long-held divisions in a manner that many found demeaning to Black women.Popular culture started embracing Black women and celebrating Black love, “and then here comes Kevin Samuels, who blew that to smithereens,” Wadley said. There are over 50 Black women who report that they’ve gotten married as a result from watching my content.” Yet, they were still at the center of criticism from Samuels, who once said Black women exist at the “opposite end of the spectrum on all ranks.”Samuels, an image consultant, started his YouTube channel in 2015 and gave advice to men, with one 2017 video explaining 15 things men should have, which included a tailored suit and a sense of humor. Some of his recent videos are titled, “Women Should Let Men Use Them,” “Narcissistic Modern Women Are Driving Men In-sane?” and “Are Modern Women Proud to be Selfish?”Among his millions of followers is Leonardo Jacobschild of Houston, who said he was drawn to Samuels’ content because his directness “seemed like a breath of fresh air people needed to hear.” Jacobschild, 38, said he has watched Samuels’ videos for years.

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