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Lady Gaga Fans Shared How The "Born This Way" Album Changed Their Lives 10 Years After Its Release

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To this day, I still tear up hearing Clarence wail on that sax solo."—andrewthomasf"It took me about another year to come out to the world (I am extremely fortunate that my family and friends all loved me just as much, if not even more, for actually being myself), but this album gave me that strength to love myself first, and to know that I deserved an amazing life. When I say Lady Gaga saved my life, I mean it as literally as possible."—wjmorgan1221—gagasevermore"It made me feel so loved and accepted, and most importantly, it made me feel like I wasn't alone. Lady Gaga gave me strength when I needed it the most, and I don't think I'll ever forget that."—annabethmalfoy"I was still years away from coming out, but during my journey, I would listen to the song alone in my car and scream that line in the was my way of coming out to myself and letting myself claim my identity in private until I was comfortable telling other people. I'm so thankful that it reminds me of my youth and that it remains a classic to this day!!"—Anonymous"I’ve had severe trauma and anxiety, and the album became a life saver.

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