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'Last Man Standing' star Tim Allen: 'We just don't make fun of stuff... except liberals'

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I mean, it's really a blessing in disguise because we just B.S. the whole time about roadwork,” Allen said of their working relationship.TIM ALLEN: 8 THINGS YOU DIDN'T KNOWEngvall agreed with Allen’s assessment and said he understands as a stand-up comedian the work it takes to reach the pinnacle of helming your own sitcom, since Engvall also used to have one of his own.“Yeah, I love when I get called to be on the show because I think as road comics, this is the Holy Grail,” Engvall said. “Even though we gripe, it's still that when you're on stage and the audience and you are on the same wavelength and it's rolling, I don't think there's a better...”Allen would finish his pal’s thought:“A better gift,” chimed the “Toolman.”'LAST MAN STANDING' STAR TIM ALLEN SAYS IT'S 'NOBODY'S BUSINESS' WHAT HE THINKS ABOUT POLITICS“I saw [Richard] Pryor all when I first started out. I've never in my life been so amazed at what that man could do to me,” Allen said, adding that he and the “Harlem Nights” actor had become friends.“I said, 'I want to do this,'" Allen recalled. and he'd go, 'Oh, we've got to slow down a minute, this little white kid is having trouble with this.'"Allen said Pryor’s style helped shape his own and, over time, Allen developed a pace he knew could hold the audience’s attention.I've never in my life been so amazed at what that man could do to me.TIM ALLEN TO TACKLE PC CULTURE IN COMEDY AND COLLEGES AS PART OF NEW DOCUDRAMA“Because I wanted him to just give me a pause, just for a second. I hope that they've never laughed that hard.”When asked what they wanted to be implemented in the show in order to garner even more laughs from viewers at home, Allen gave an interesting answer -- reflecting on the overall growth the show has seen since its inception and drawing parallels to the manner in which a professional football franchise would respond after being told they weren’t good enough.'TOY STORY 4' STAR TIM ALLEN OPENS UP ABOUT 'REFLECTIVE' ESSENCE OF LATEST INSTALLMENT: 'I GOT CHOKED UP'“It sounds redundant, but this year it's a very difficult thing -- situation comedies on television on any network,” Allen said. “Getting this to have an arc in 18 minutes or 22 minutes with commercials -- what it eventually does and the staff that we got -- we're like a pro football team that came back because I don't know how to describe the writing staff on this show, the leadership in this show, the crew on this saying, ‘We are veterans.’ I'm always amazed that they've come up with a new idea at all.”Again, the unmistakable dynamic between Allen and Engvall filled the room as they bantered about being literally and creatively married to the same woman, series costar Nancy Travis, 58.“I mean, this is a family that now all my daughters in the show have grown and gone out.

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