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LeBron Passing Michael Jordan in Scoring the Latest Feather in James' GOAT Cap

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LeBron James is officially fourth in NBA history in career points scored, a position he now holds after passing Michael Jordan on Wednesday against the Denver Nuggets.LeBron pushes past MJ on the all-time scoring list 👑 makes this milestone unique is not that LeBron reached it. MJ averaged more points per game, per minute and per team possession, according to Basketball Reference.But LeBron's game was never totally about scoring (though he's fifth all-time in career scoring average). During LeBron's career, the average TS% is 54.0, 4.7 shy of his 58.7.So, yes, Jordan scored individually at a higher rate than James. LeBron's All-Around GameLike Woods said, it's a combination of longevity and greatness that makes LeBron so different from anyone else in NBA history.Wins Over Replacement Player endeavors to put all a player's contributions into one number, but there's another stat that demonstrates just how well-rounded LeBron's game is.Over his career, both regular season and playoffs, LeBron has had 668 total games in which he scored at least 25 points, grabbed five rebounds and dished out five assists. The 668 from LeBron is 46.8 percent of the total games he's played, while Jordan's 392 25-5-5 games make up 31.3 percent of his total.As Bleacher Report's Adam Fromal wrote:"James' versatility has just won me over.

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