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Lion King Lyricist Tim Rice Is Back With Another Future Disney Classic

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They’ve since endured as timeless artifacts from the Disney Renaissance in the 1990s.It’s only right that Rice is back for the remake to bring his magic in the form of a new collaboration with Elton John, "Never Too Late." To find out more about the song, and the film itself, MTV News spoke with Rice about his new contribution, favorite original song, and more.MTV News: How does it feel to see "Can You Feel The Love Tonight" survive as one of The Lion King’s biggest moments? I was only in the studio for the new song that I recorded with Elton specifically for the remake called "Never Too Late."Rice (right) with Sir Elton John (left) at the 1995 Academy AwardsMTV News: What’s the meaning behind “Never Too Late” and how did the song come about?Rice: We wanted to do a new song — the film’s producers and everybody else — with the point of it being to illustrate Simba’s dilemma; he believed that he had really screwed up his life because he thought that he killed his father. It’s a great message that, in life, is almost always true.MTV News: What’s the difference between writing music for the animated Lion King film versus this new one?Rice: Whether you’re writing for animated characters or computer-generated ones, I try to make it believable for the characters and the situations that exist in the song.

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