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Lions' Matthew Stafford recounts seeing racism firsthand against Black teammates

Detroit Lions

Matthew Stafford
Danny Amendola
Jacob Blake
Trey Flowers
Sean Ryan


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And he still called the police and told them that we were being 'uncooperative' and 'not leaving the property.'"Stafford wrote that he and his teammates left immediately and that the quarterback was "embarrassed to have put my teammates in that situation."He wrote, "The only difference is what we all know in our hearts. And even if Danny and I somehow did get the cops called on us, we all know how that interaction would've gone."Stafford wrote that in the day of meetings leading up to the team's decision to cancel practice in August in protest of the Jacob Blake shooting, the story that stuck with him was the one told by teammate Trey Flowers.Flowers explained what he does if he is ever pulled over by police and how "he copes with the anxiety" of any dealings he has with law enforcement."Trey was explaining that if he were to ever get pulled over in his car -- something that I have experienced many times without even thinking twice about it -- he would roll down his window, put both hands on the wheel and ask the officer if he would like him to step out of the car so he can handcuff him," Stafford wrote."Just so that he is not seen as a threat.

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