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?Little House on the Prairie? star Melissa Gilbert on embracing a simpler life: ?I don?t miss Hollywood?

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Check out what clicked this week in entertainment.Melissa Gilbert is returning to her roots.The actress, who famously starred as Laura Ingalls Wilder on "Little House on the Prairie," found herself wanting to live a simpler life after her husband, actor/director Timothy Busfield, introduced her to the wilds of his native rural Michigan.As their work brought them to New York City, they yearned to escape up north. She’s now sharing her journey in a new book titled "Back to the Prairie: A Home Remade, A Life Rediscovered."KIM NOVAK EXPLAINS WHY SHE LEFT HOLLYWOOD: 'I FELT LIKE I WAS LOSING MYSELF'The star spoke to Fox News Digital about creating her dream life, her favorite memory of late co-star Michael Landon and why she’s finally at peace with aging.Fox News: What inspired you to write "Back to the Prairie" now?Melissa Gilbert: I would love to say that everything was my idea *laughs*. (Courtesy of Melissa Gilbert)I got a call from "CBS This Morning" saying they wanted to come up and do a story about it, a socially distanced story about me going back to the prairie. I thought, "Oh, that’s cute — back to the prairie." And then my literary agent called me after he saw [the segment] and said, "This is a book you know, going back to the prairie lifestyle." And it sprung from that.The idea was to celebrate this life we’ve created up in the Catskills with our chickens. I’m just so blessed.Fox News: There’s no doubt that "Little House on the Prairie" certainly influenced you at a very young age.Gilbert: Oh yes — 100%. And now I just want to share that with people.Fox News: What’s one memory of Michael Landon that makes you smile whenever you think about it? (Courtesy of Melissa Gilbert.)Fox News: We suspect that running a cottage isn’t as glamorous as it sounds.Gilbert: It’s not glamorous at all *laughs*. (Courtesy of Mellissa Gilbert)Fox News: The idea of an actress moving to a cottage in the Catskills sounds like the perfect plot for a Hallmark film.Gilbert: You’re not the first person to say that either, which is fantastic. I love that!Fox News: You’ve also embraced a more natural lifestyle where you’re not trying to fit into any kind of mold in terms of plastic surgery or fillers. (Courtesy of Melissa Gilbert)Fox News: You’ve described experiencing a "reawakened loved for the outdoors." How?Gilbert: When I was a little girl growing up on the "Little House on the Prairie" set, I had so much fun whenever we would film outside. It awakened my soul in a way that I’ve never felt before.Fox News: Is there anything about Hollywood that you do miss?Gilbert: I don’t miss Hollywood. (Courtesy of Melissa Gilber)Fox News: Are you familiar with the term "slow living?" It’s been picking up on social media.Gilbert: I don’t know if it’s anything like slow food or slow cooking, which is the opposite of fast food. It’s changed my whole life.Fox News: What’s the secret behind your lasting marriage to Timothy?Gilbert: At the core, we’re true partners in this marriage. (Courtesy of Melissa Gilbert)Fox News: What do you hope readers will ultimately get from your book and journey?Gilbert: I hope it reminds readers of what we’ve been through. But I hope that maybe people will read this and realize that it really is the sweet, simple things that are the best and most important in life… Maybe it will inspire people to be a little more gentle and loving with each other.Stephanie Nolasco covers entertainment at the best of Fox News' entertainment coverage, right in your inbox.SubscribedYou've successfully subscribed to this newsletter!

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