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Mail Is Not Hard

Big Mailer Corps
Big Mailer Corps



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I want people who have never worked with mail to understand all of it.I will also not explain how I achieve the tasks I describe as easy. the name Big Mailer Corps represents the major e-mail providers. and that “you will be flooded by spammers” who will “abuse your server to relay spam to the world”.Wow, that’s overwhelming :-|You just wanted to send and receive mail because it seemed like a good idea, no matter how much the marketing tries to tell you otherwise.To illustrate this I emptied the Spam folder on my account and my Big Mailer Corps account this morning, is that sending e-mail to an address at a Big Mailer Corp will result in the e-mail being rejected or junked.Let me tell you a secret: full screenSo why did I say this claim has more substance than the others ?Big Mailer Corps have introduced proof-of-work into mail exchanges, They don’t care who receives an e-mail as long as it opens, Since Good Senders most definitely want to be able to send to Big Mailer Corps, you can shut them down yourself because they’re already cut from a big portion of the e-mail address space.This is why I wrote this has more substance than the other claims. that even without trying they’ll manage to send e-mails without issues. I often send mail to my Big Mailer Corp account from my development laptop, Big Mailer Corps BENEFIT from the myth that mail is hard as this means more people rely on them, I know this for a fact because people have been telling me that mail is hard for the last ten years, I’m not saying people shouldn’t be hosted at Big Mailer Corps, Big Mailer Corps HAVE to remain friendly because their users can complain that their legitimate mail is junked, If the number of mail hosts shrinks to the point that trafic not coming from Big Mailer Corps is irrelevant, if most of the trafic comes from a handful of actors.This is already happening with one specifically requiring mails to be sent from another Big Mailer Corp to hit the inbox, allowing e-mail to be fully controlled by a small set of cooperating multi-million users hosts is just accepting to be screwed.It is therefore very important that we don’t let the myth propagate further. they must increase so the e-mail address space out of the control of Big Mailer Corps remains significant.And by all means,

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