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Marsha Blackburn Criticizes Black Judicial Nominee?s ?Rap Sheet? Of Speeding Tickets

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While I deserve this, they don’t.”Despite her concerns that Mathis was behaving as if he were above the law by not paying tickets, Blackburn did not mention that it was just last year that she was pulled over by police while riding in a car, got out of the car, indicated that she was a U.S. senator and flashed her congressional pin before being let go.Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) appeared to mock Blackburn calling attention to Mathis’ driving record.“Sen. Blackburn refers to your ‘rap sheet,’ is what she called it,” Durbin said to Mathis. We’ve all I think been guilty of that sin and perhaps all have a rap sheet that’s over 6 miles or more.”Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.), who joined the hearing after Blackburn’s remarks, said he “almost laughed” when he learned how she described Mathis’ driving record.“I laughed with my staff that I have a rap sheet now, probably much longer than the witness’s,” said Booker, telling a story about his experiences as the first Black family moving into his New Jersey neighborhood as a kid.“I was pulled over quite a few more times than [my white friends] were.

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