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Meet Keagan Roberts: 19-Year-Old Politician, Activist, And Brow Specialist

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Have a great day,” he said to each voter who walked up to the polling station in South Berwick, a town in Maine with a population of about 7,000.Roberts was running for a seat on his city council, but he wasn’t on the ballot — he hadn’t actually decided that he wanted the role until after the deadline to be on the ticket had already passed. For now, however, he’s just happy that South Berwick put their trust in him.“The voter turnout just for write-ins — I was honestly just amazed at the dedication [and] the desire that people had for change and for a younger voice to be represented,” he said.That’s key — “a younger voice.” He said that there aren’t many young people in local government in Maine, and that when his peers come back from college, “they don't really feel like they're being represented.”“I wanted to represent my generation because we are the future,” Roberts said.After he is sworn in, Roberts will become the youngest city council member in South Berwick’s history and will join the ranks of some of the youngest elected officials in the country.

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