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Meet the mobile therapy startup backed by Christian Angermayer's re:Mind Capital

Ksana Health
Mind Capital
Christian Angermayer
Apeiron Investment Group
University of Oregon
the Center for Digital Mental Health
WPSS Investments
Panoramic Ventures
the Telosity Fund
Palo Santo Venture Fund
Able Partners
Anthem Inc.
Digital Incubator
Beacon Health Options
the National Survey on Drug Use and Health
Ksana Health’s

Nicholas Allen
GoGuardian GoGuardian
Jan Hardorp

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Clark County

September 2020 IPO

Positivity     48.00%   
   Negativity   52.00%
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Ksana Health is an Oregon-based company founded two years ago by University of Oregon Professor Nicholas Allen, a clinical psychologist and director of the Center for Digital Mental Health. Ksana’s platforms focus on collecting data related to mental health, and transfer that data from user to healthcare practitioners through an app. “Basically what this system does is it allows some of the data that’s been collected by the way people use their cell phones in a day to day fashion [to be turned] into indicators of important health behaviors that we know are relevant to mental health – so things like sleep, physical activity, geographic mobility, mood, cognition, social connection,” Allen says. GoGuardian, Ksana Health is also catalogs digital activity as an indicator of mental health (note the inclusion of key strokes and language patterns, not just health variables like exercise), but Ksana Health’s focus also appears to be less on flagging harmful behavior automatically, and more about providing an extremely detailed data dashboard to a human therapist. Allen says the company is already planning clinical trials of the Vira program in addition to the pilot program with Beacon Health.

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