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Minecraft Earth gets first live demo, coming to iOS ?this summer?

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Sam Machkovech
Jun 3
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Minecraft Earth


Minecraft Earth

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iOS's upcoming ARKit 3.0 appears to support body gestures like hand-waving, and we saw one-handed and two-handed waves in this portion of the demo.This was followed by a world shift from the top of a table to all around the WWDC stage, which resulted in the Mojang reps appearing as real people inside the blocky, virtual Minecraft Earth world—and having their bodies occluded by virtual content (like when one staffer hid behind a freshly planted bundle of flowers). How Minecraft Earth players will let players move around larger environments remains unclear; will we see a VR-like "teleportation" system, or will real-life steps toward stairs result in a potentially uncomfortable shift in altitude?But for the most part, the demo's use of the familiar Minecraft UI and clear controls for attacks, switch manipulation, and item usage makes the new game look like it's quite far along in terms of translating the Minecraft experience to a "wow, it's happening all around me!" sensation (albeit, only through the lens of your phone or tablet's screens).

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