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Mohammad Allawi: Who is Iraq's new prime minister-designate?

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He is tasked with running the country until an early election is held, for which there is no set date.The appointment of Allawi, a former communications minister, followed an ultimatum by Salih, who had said he would pick a new prime minister himself if parties did not agree on a candidate.But his choice was instantly rejected by protesters who have for months defied a bloody crackdown to demand a complete overhaul of the country's ruling class."Mohammed Allawi is rejected," demonstrators in Baghdad's Tahrir Square chanted on Saturday, dismissing the prime-minister designate as being part and parcel of Iraq's post-2003 political establishment.A cousin of former vice president and prime minister Iyad Allawi, the 65-year-old prime minister-designate is a native of Baghdad and a Shia Muslim.He earned an engineering degree from the American University of Beirut in the 1980s and began his political career after the 2003 US-led invasion of Iraq that toppled longtime President Saddam Hussein.A member of parliament until 2005, he then served twice as communications minister under former President Nouri al-Maliki.Allawi resigned in 2012, accusing al-Maliki of political interference in his ministry and the government of turning a blind eye to corruption. Upon his appointment, Allawi immediately expressed support for the protests and pledged justice for the hundreds of demonstrators killed by security forces since the uprising began in October."I promise you that the blood of the demonstrators and our security forces will not go in vain.

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