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Move Over Peloton. Myx Plus Is the Better Bargain

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The fitness system is made up of a professional-grade Star Trac stationary bike with an integrated 21.5-inch touchscreen tablet, plus some extras like a seven-piece weight set, a foam roller, a resistance band, and a Polar heart rate monitor that tracks your level of exertion.If you pony up a $29 monthly subscription fee, Myx will also stream video workouts to that giant, swiveling tablet. Bluetooth devices can be finicky (I’ve often stood at a trailhead, waiting impatiently for my earbuds to connect), so it’s great to be ready to ride within seconds.When I went into the database to check out Myx’s workouts, my first impression was, “Wow, this is way more than just a bike.” The hundreds of preprogrammed workouts available span four categories: Bike (which contains the traditional spin/cycle type workouts), Floor (workouts using equipment and/or bodyweight to build strength and endurance), Recovery (yoga, meditation, and recovery movements), and Cross-Train (workouts that contain mixes of all three).In each category are dozens of workouts in three different difficulty levels, led by coaches that hit just the right tone—positive without being saccharine. Additionally, the package at that price includes the weights and other extras, which makes the workouts a more well-rounded (and less mind-numbing) experience than simply sitting on a bike and grinding away.You actually have two options when it comes to purchasing Myx gear. You can still engage in a wide range of cycling, bodyweight workouts, and yoga or meditation classes with this option, but unless you already have a set of weights at home (or don’t want to get creative with some gallon jugs), you won’t be able to do the workouts that involve the dumbbells and kettlebells.If you buy something using links in our stories, we may earn a commission. The extra 200 bones gets you those three pairs of dumbbells, the kettlebell, mats for the bike and for floor workouts, a resistance band, and a solid foam roller, all of which would cost over $200 if purchased separately.Access to the personalized workouts requires that aforementioned monthly $29 fee—about the same, if not cheaper, than competing connected fitness programs. The app also has a calendar feature that lets you schedule your workouts, and it will send you reminders when it’s time to saddle up.The membership costs roughly the same as most gym fees, and the combined monthly payments of the gear (if you finance it) and membership is less than a single session of personal training, which ranges between $40 and $70 per hour on average.The Myx Plus feels like the next level of home gym setups.

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