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Murders or accidental deaths? <em>Cold Justice</em>?investigates multiple mysterious cases in season 6 premiere

Cold Justice
Siegler & Co.

Kelly Siegler
Ashley [Graybow]’s
Tenai Jones


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In the exclusive clip above, Siegler & Co. run the scenario where a woman’s 2003 death was by suicide, and in the clip below, they apply crime scene and medical examiner evidence to show how it could’ve been murder.Watch both clips, and read on for EW’s conversation with Siegler about the premiere, how the nation’s rising drug epidemic is playing into cases both old and new, and which case she can’t stop thinking about.ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: As you were diving into this investigation, where there’s more than one person potentially killed by the same man, the stakes are obviously higher than usual. Honestly, in the real world, I think a lot of people get away with committing murder because they do it just kind of like what happened in Carbon County — it’s just easier to do.How much are you seeing the opioid epidemic come up in cases? Can I tell you… so we’re in this new season and we’re almost done as far as working on the cases and being out on the road, and I can’t even tell you right now — I’d have to go back and count — how many times we’re actually having a conversation about the meth epidemic, the opioid epidemic. So it’s affecting cases everywhere we go.As you’re investigating these cases, does it make you miss being a prosecutor? The hardest part of the job is when, at the end, we have to go tell them the news and the news is not a nice, firm, hard “Yes, [the district attorney] will take the case.” It’s terrible, and you always know at least a day ahead of time that it’s not going to turn out the way you wanted it to. We’re going to try our hardest.” But you know good and well it’s all they’re thinking about the whole time we’re working. But it’s not the cops; all they want is to solve their case — they’ll give you everything, they’re willing to take whatever criticism, they’ll do whatever needs to be done.

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