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So I decided to try as hard as possible to generate $10 000/month without freelance work and with a minimum of time spent on this task. So here, I’ll share with you this journey as a solopreneur.At the end, I’ll share with you an overview of how I manage my time to handle these 3 revenue streams.As a Ruby developer, I quickly decided to dedicate my blog to the Ruby programming language. This level of commitment paid-off as at the end of these 50 days I found my writing style, I had a good amount of articles about various topics and I started to grow a significant audience that liked and shared my blogposts. So in 5 months I created a successful blog and I had a targeted audience interested in learning more about Ruby.As I had a significant mailing list, I decided to take the time to build a nice product in a reasonable time: 50 days. My goal is now to release a new volume per trimester.Ok, now that I shared with you my 3 revenue streams, let’s talk about how I manage my time on a daily basis.Firstly, I work 4 days a week from 9am to 5pm.

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