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Netflix?s Project Power, the most fun you won?t have at the movies this summer

Project Power
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Only so many different films can play on a theater's limited number of screens at once, so instead of being paralyzed by endless selection screen scrolling, you and your cohort simply aimed for what sounded best and maybe enjoyed something you wouldn't have tried otherwise.Project Power, available this weekend on Netflix, stars Jamie Foxx, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Dominique Fishback. That's a shame for many, many reasons, but one of the tinier downsides of the film industry's current reality is that Project Power is a good time many people will simply never see, maybe never even know exists.In a broad sense, Project Power tells a classic tale of those in power conducting experiments on the rest of us. But as the three of them start to cross paths and learn of their common pursuits, more and more pill-popping employees of Teleios seem to be following their tracks with intentions of cleaning up anything standing in the way of better drugs and more contracts.The trailer for Netflix's Project Power[/ars_trailer]If all that sounds familiar, it kind of is. Maybe some viewers will be annoyed with a few morals that feel pasted on (Art keeps telling Robin to nurture her power in order to combat those in power; Frank has a lot of "this is my city" moments battling various organizational corruption) or with some key moments of exposition, but the latter may be intended to help folks who may watch this like a more traditional Netflix movie, aka while they're only half paying attention. Project Power is ultimately the type of movie you used to be able to reliably find each summer at the theater: an action film that flashes a little comedy, stars someone you want to spend almost two hours with, and has enough happening to keep audiences moving through its perhaps not super complex plot.

As said here by Nathan Mattise