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New evidence throws census citizenship case into question

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But that doesn’t mean the justices won’t face more outside pressure to weigh the evidence.Jennifer Nou, a law professor at the University of Chicago, said that given the looming deadline to start printing census documents and the court’s conservative majority signaling they’re ready to sign off on the question, it’s unlikely the justices will weigh the evidence or let it impact their ruling if they do.Nou said the justices typically send a case back down to a lower court to add this kind of last-minute evidence to the record, but that process would take too long and force the Supreme Court to miss the Commerce Department’s deadline for printing census materials.She also pointed to the Supreme Court agreeing earlier this year to take up the case before it went through the appeals process as a sign that the justices are eager to resolve the matter.“I think they're going to decide the issue, and I don't think that the latest evidence is going to change that,” Nou said.If the justices end up considering the evidence, they will review documents alleging that Mark Neuman, an adviser to Commerce Secretary Wilbur RossWilbur Louis RossFlorida senators back push for federal help with red tide ACLU files notice to Supreme Court about new evidence on census citizenship question New evidence shows GOP strategist played role in Trump push for citizenship question MORE, provided a draft letter to Justice Department official John Gore arguing for the citizenship question that included language authored by Hofeller.The documents claim that Hofeller first raised the possibility of asking about citizenship on the census to Trump campaign officials.

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