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New York City Is Still a Disaster for the Disabled

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It caused the proliferation of automated doors; forced schools to design programs for children with autism; helped boost a market for prosthetic fashion and products designed for arthritic hands; and launched new practices in street design, including textured curb cuts that alert the visually impaired that they’re about to step into traffic.The ADA has been a boon, but it has also left a chasm between theory and reality. “The New York City subway is a challenge for everyone, but mine begins with purchasing a ticket: I can’t reach the machines, even the accessible ones,” says Sinéad Burke, an Irish activist with dwarfism, who stands three feet, five inches tall. When I ask Burke what she would say to a roomful of architects, she has an instant response: “Make accessibility beautiful.”Not that Richard Spencer, but what a day to promote the Navy Secretary Just 62?James Alex Fields had already received a federal life sentence“But again, we’re focused on cryptocurrency” is a subject-change for the agesMitt Romney, “moderate”Some Republicans are desperately trying to “both sides” this oneWho are you gonna believe, Trump or your lying eyes?GOP senator denounces Trump commentsThis extremely mild scolding might be the strongest rebuke of Trump’s racist comments by a sitting Republican so farThat data is in: gun laws save young livesChildren living in states with strict firearm laws are less likely to die from gun violence than those in states with more lax restrictions, according to a study in Pediatrics published Monday. States with stricter gun control laws had 4% fewer pediatric deaths, and those with universal background checks for firearm purchases in place for at least five years had a 35% lower risk, the study found.How the morning shows are covering Trump’s racist tweetsThis drastic policy change will face many legal obstaclesThe Trump administration on Monday moved to end asylum protections for most Central American migrants in a major escalation of the president’s battle to tamp down the number of people crossing the U.S.-Mexico border.According to a new rule published in the Federal Register , asylum seekers who pass through another country first will be ineligible for asylum at the U.S. southern border. official says racist Trump tweet wasn’t actually racist“I see that as presumably political hand grenades but I wouldn’t go that far, no, certainly not.” Well, we can close the book on this oneTrump’s found a fight he likes, and he’s not letting it goWhen will the Radical Left Congresswomen apologize to our Country, the people of Israel and even to the Office of the President, for the foul language they have used, and the terrible things they have said. Priebus and Kelly had clashed with the president over his Twitter statements and the influence of his eldest daughter and her husband, who are senior advisers.Instead, Mulvaney has focused much of his energy on creating a new White House power center revolving around the long-dormant Domestic Policy Council and encompassing broad swaths of the administration. When Mulvaney cannot be in the Oval Office for a policy meeting, one of his allies is usually there.Folks who want a new government-run health care system have been pretty clear that it would make the law meant to fix the old system obsoleteDemocratic front-runner Joe Biden today will unveil a health plan that’s intended to preserve the most popular parts of Obamacare — from Medicaid expansion to protections for patients with pre-existing conditions — and build on them with a new government-run public insurance option.Biden would also empower Medicare to directly negotiate drug prices, allow the importation of prescription drugs from abroad and extend tax credits to help tens of millions of Americans buy lower-priced health insurance.The plan — which the campaign says will cost $750 billion over a decade, to be paid for by reversing some of the Trump administration’s tax cuts — is less transformative than the “Medicare for All” proposal advanced by Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and supported by some other Democrats, which would effectively do away with private insurance and shift all Americans to government-run health care.“I understand the appeal of Medicare for All,” Biden said in a video posted this morning. And I’m not for that.”Come to think of it, why have Cabinet members at all?President Donald Trump has told aides and allies that he is considering removing Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross after a stinging Supreme Court defeat on adding a citizenship question to the census, according to multiple people familiar with the conversations.While Trump has previously expressed frustration with the 81-year-old Ross, in particular over failed trade negotiations, Ross’s long personal relationship with the president has allowed him to keep his job.

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