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Nick Bosa's 49ers Might Be Crying Now, but Don't Expect Them to Stay Down Long

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With seven minutes and 13 seconds left to play Sunday, Nick Bosa was on his way to a Super Bowl ring and an MVP award.About six minutes and 21 unanswered Chiefs points later, Bosa broke down in tears on the sideline. If the brash, demonstrative 22-year-old rookie sensation didn't know that at the start of the fourth quarter of Super Bowl LIV, he surely knows it now that his sideline sobbing has gone viral and the 49ers face an offseason of second-guessing and disappointment.Nick Bosa in tears after losing the Super Bowl. The rest is up to their game-manager quarterback and Super Bowl-mismanager head coach.Later in the fourth quarter of Super Bowl LIV, after Hill's catch changed the complexion of the game but before the Chiefs took the lead, Bosa schooled Fisher yet again on 2nd-and-5 and drew a bead on Mahomes. If Bosa did just a tiny bit more in Super Bowl LIV, even conservative play-calling and missed offensive opportunities might not have kept the 49ers from victory.

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