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North Korea 'fires two short-range missiles' in latest launch

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It was the fifth round of test launches in two weeks to protest US-South Korea joint military drills, Seoul says.North Korea has fired what appeared to be two short-range ballistic missiles into the sea, according to South Korea's military, the latest in a series of launches to protest US-South Korea joint military drills. Defence officials in Seoul said the missiles were fired early on Saturday from near North Korea's northeastern city of Hamhung, flying 400km at a height of about 48km before splashing down in the sea between the Korean Peninsula and Japan."Our military is monitoring the situation in case of additional launches while maintaining a readiness posture," South Korean military's joint chiefs of staff said in a statement.A US official said at least one projectile was launched and that it appeared to be similar to previous short-range missiles fired by Pyongyang.It was the fifth round of launches in two weeks, with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un labelling them a "solemn warning" over the joint military exercises that began on Monday.Seoul's presidential office said the tests were likely aimed at verifying the reliability of the North's newly developed weapons and also demonstrating displeasure over the allied drills.North Korea did not immediately comment on the latest launches.Saturday's tests came a few hours after US President Donald Trump said he had received a "very beautiful letter" from Kim and reiterated that he wasn't bothered by the recent flurry of short-range weapons launched. "I'll say it again.

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