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NYC tries $50 fines to get scofflaws to don masks on subway

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Through Thursday, none had been issued, but MTA police reported about 1,700 instances of riders being given a mask, or of people being cautioned that they were wearing their mask improperly.Still, even some riders who are irritated by masklessness on buses and trains were unsure about the idea of getting compliance through fines.Kathryn Lois, who rides the subway on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, decried the fine even as she noted three maskless people entering the station at 96th Street and Broadway within a span of about 5 minutes.“We can’t afford it, not with everything else that’s been going on,” Lois said, referring to the economic downturn brought on by the pandemic. “Things can go very wrong in conflicts between police and riders, and with all the publicity it will not have been worth it.”In the early months of the coronavirus outbreak, New York City police had taken a more active role in enforcing mask rules until a bystander recorded officers pinning a young woman to the ground in front of her young child at a Brooklyn subway station after she argued with cops who had confronted her about not wearing her mask properly.

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