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On #MeToo anniversary, leaders say focus is on inequality

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Tarana Burke
Dani Ayers
Breonna Taylor
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“What would my life have been like if somebody had intervened at 12, 14 or 16, even just to say that I deserve healing, and that I deserve wellness and wholeness and joy?” “And so it started off trying to bring those messages, that idea of healing into these young women’s lives and using the power of empathy,” she said.As the #MeToo movement marks the third year since it received global recognition, Burke is working to make sure it remains inclusive and reclaims its original intent: A focus on marginalized voices and experiences.She sees that path forward through Dani Ayers, a 39-year-old Black woman who quietly, yet with a bold vision, transitioned into becoming the movement’s CEO in July after joining the organization in 2018. We are absolutely centering Black women and girls, people of color, queer, trans, disabled folks in our work because we know that solving and interrupting the issue of sexual violence in those communities means ending sexual violence everywhere.”Several events are planned to mark the third anniversary, including the announcement of the new leadership structure and a survey of survivors that Burke and Ayers expect will reignite momentum behind the movement. Both Burke and Ayers view survivors as a significant voting bloc whose voices deserve to be heard.While the group has not officially endorsed either candidate, the women said they have serious concerns about what another four years of President Donald Trump would mean for survivors of sexual violence.“I think we are in a critical moment and survivors’ voices in this moment should be the loudest,” Burke said.

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